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Patient testimonials

We love to see our patients smile, but we are also humbled to hear they have enjoyed their experience with us at Waldman Orthodontics. Thank you to all our patients who have provided us with a glowing testimonial.

Dr. Waldman is the absolute best. I’ve referred many friends to him. He is always on time, every procedure is explained thoroughly, the office staff is awesome, he is awesome and the work he did on my daughter was top notch.

Beth Q.

I decided as a senior to have braces. I never had them before. I am so happy I chose Dr. Waldman. His professionalism and friendly office made my experience enjoyable.

Burt G.

Waldman Orthodontics is simply amazing. My daughter just finished her treatment and we will miss Dr. Waldman and his team. They are kind, fun, and helpful, and they are perfectionists -- which is what you want in an orthodontist. We cannot recommend them highly enough! 

Geoffrey R.

After waiting 29 years to have braces I finally was “set straight” by Dr. Waldman. His staff are the sweetest and I looked forward to coming into his office every time. If I ever needed to recommend an orthodontist I would only recommend Dr. Waldman and his staff. I have not stopped smiling!

Stephanie G.

This is one of the best healthcare experiences I’ve had and strongly recommend Dr. Waldman to any one seeking a good, competent orthodontist, whether it's for an adult or child.

Robert K.

Dr. Waldman’s office is our favorite doctor's office of any kind. Everyone in the office could not be nicer or more helpful. Did I mention Dr. Waldman is a fantastic orthodontist? My kids actually look forward to their appointments!

Kabrel G.

Everybody here is very nice and the treatment is amazing. I only have a few months left and I am so happy I did this. If you are looking for an orthodontist this is the right one and Invisalign is a great invisible way to straighten your teeth. I had many people asking me if I had anything done to my teeth, as they look so much straighter but no one noticed the retainers as they are truly invisible.

Georgia S.

Dr. Waldman was above and beyond empathetic and caring. I know this is hard to believe, but I actually looked forward to my appointments. He just has a gift of making people feel comfortable and cared about.

Sam B.

I would highly recommend Waldman Orthodontics. As a high anxiety patient, I was treated with respect and care every step of the way. I feel so grateful for the solid investment I made in the overall health and beauty of my smile.

Marie L.

Dr. Waldman came highly recommended and he has never failed in meeting and exceeding expectations. Always accessible, diligent, and friendly.

Marianne M.

Best orthodontist!! I’ve been to others for my older kids, but for my youngest I went to Dr. Waldman. He and his staff are so friendly and professional at the same time!! It’s a pleasure to bring her each time.


My dentist diagnosed me as having a severe open-bite two years ago. The last thing I wanted was jaw surgery and then have to wear braces afterwards. I wanted the best and fastest treatment possible, so I searched for an orthodontist that uses TADs (temporary anchorage devices) for correction instead since my teeth need to be moved in different directions (in/out/rotated etc.). I did a little research (abstracts and reviews etc.) and interviewed Dr. Waldman over seven months ago. He's a perfectionist and does everything in-house - molds, x-rays etc. I'm in treatment for six months now and there's a big difference in how I chew my food. Before I was only chewing on a few side teeth, now, I'm chewing on almost all my teeth. I didn't realize how bad my situation was until the correction process started. His staff is very friendly and they have everything down to a science so that you are in and out quickly. I wanted an Orthodontist who treats individual situations and doesn't use the same approach for everyone. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Waldman!


Dr. Waldman changes my frown to a smile and straightened my teeth while at it. I am not afraid to smile in school pictures anymore! Thank you Dr. Waldman and team! LOVE THEM!

Anne S

Dr. Waldman also has a very caring nature and is able to put my kids at ease in his dental chair. He cares deeply about achieving the best smile for everyone who walks through his door.

Tammy S

Dr. Waldman is outstanding. We were referred to him because my son has severe orthodontic issues and Dr. Waldman is well known for his ability to handle difficult and unusual cases.

Yvette J.

Dr. Waldman is an extraordinary orthodontist, and his entire team is wonderful. My daughter, who is nine, looks forward to her dental appointments, which sort of says it all.

Ben B

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