What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart

These important considerations will guide you as you make your selection and help you to make the best investment in your smile.  

Is the doctor an orthodontic specialist? 

Dr. Alexander Waldman received his BA and dental degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and completed a 3 year advanced fellowship in orthodontics at Harvard University. While at Harvard, Dr. Waldman received the highest award in clinical and research care, and also earned a Masters degree from the Harvard Medical School. 

Orthodontists are specially trained in the science of straightening teeth, improving jaw function and creating beautiful smiles. As an orthodontic specialist, our only area of focus is orthodontics. 

Dr. Waldman has a reputation for treating the most complex types of orthodontic problems and teaches these techniques in his lectures to both students and other professionals. 

Dr. Waldman is an Elite provider of Invisalign, a distinction held by few orthodontists. 

He has been awarded Diplomate status by the American Board of Orthodontics, an honor shared by a small percentage of orthodontists throughout the world, based on his high standard of care. 

Is the orthodontic team and the treatment technically advanced? 

The practice of orthodontics is constantly changing with new and improved materials and techniques. It is essential that the whole team regularly attend continuing education meetings. Dr. Waldman and his team are committed to staying abreast of the most current research in orthodontics. They frequently take courses to advance their clinical training and continue their orthodontic education. 

Dr. Waldman is always on the cutting edge of orthodontic technology and has, for the past several years, benefitted his patients with the use of digital diagnosis eliminating the need for impressions, esthetic treatment options, self-ligating braces, space-age wires, and TADs. All procedures are standard of care and are provided in the office. 

Does the office complete a customized computerized diagnostic analysis? 

A state-of-the-art diagnostic process is essential in understanding the jaw relationship of each patient in order to create an excellent bite. Using digital imaging, Dr. Waldman obtains highly accurate and detailed views of all anatomies such as bone, teeth, tooth orientation, tooth and nerve relation prior to confirming the diagnosis and treatment plan. 

What does your investment include? 

All charges should be included in your treatment fee that is quoted at your examination. Dr. Waldman’s treatment fee includes a diagnostic workup, complete treatment inclusive of all required visits, progress records during treatment, final records at the end of treatment, one set of retainers when the braces are removed, and periodic visits during the retention period. All diagnostic information is collected on site; you do not have to go to a separate dental laboratory. 

How will emergencies be handled? 

In the course of orthodontic treatment, routine maintenance of your appliances may be necessary. Occasionally, an after hours visit is needed. You can be assured that an after hours service is in place to attend to your needs.  

Is the office fully compliant with all OSHA requirements? 

OSHA is a government body that requires very stringent protocols to assure patient and team member safety. Dr. Waldman utilizes state-of-the-art sterilization methods and uses outside consultants to monitor all sterilization techniques and results. 

Is the practice environmentally aware, making every effort to minimize their carbon footprint? 

Dr. Waldman’s ‘green’ office is paperless and utilizes electronic charts, digital x-rays, digital models, electronic communication, etc. We also use recyclable materials whenever possible (excluding anything that goes into your mouth). 

Remember, regardless of the fee, your interactions with the orthodontist and his/her team could be over a significant number of years. The investment in your teeth should last a lifetime. Be certain you choose the practice that deserves to be a long-term friend of your family.