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Why have a consultation?

An orthodontic consultation allows you to ask all your questions about treatment, and see if braces or Invisalign® clear aligners are right for you and your smile. Meet our orthodontist, with no obligation to start treatment. You’ve got nothing to lose and your dream smile to gain!


What will happen?

At your appointment, we will:

  • Review your dental history forms
  • Take x-rays and photos of your teeth
  • Show you a simulation of your future smile
  • Perform a full examination of your teeth
  • Take digital impressions of your teeth
  • Discuss all costs and finance options

Dr. Waldman took my daughter’s extremely complicated and messed up mouth and gave her an amazing beautiful smile! As far as I’m concerned, his meticulous attention to detail, his willingness to work with us, and his sweet gentle nature made the experience incredible. We drove 90 minutes each way to see him!


Waldman Orthodontics is the best! The staff are friendly, informed and work quickly to help you with any issues you may have with scheduling, financials, etc. Dr Waldman is incredible. I had a very difficult bite issue and teeth that were quickly moving in a direction they shouldn't have. Dr Waldman created a very "out of the box" approach to fixing my bite and giving me a smile I love. It was well worth the investment.


Dr. Waldman and his team have been nothing but amazing. From our first consultation visit a couple of years ago, to our final visit in a few weeks, the first-rate service and friendly and professional staff have been consistent throughout. My son, now 14 made a great choice in selecting Dr. Waldman as his Orthodontist.

Pamela Coleman


What happens next?

Start appointment

You will return to our office for your first appointment to receive your Orthodontic appliances and begin your journey to you new smile.


What happens next?

Regular appointments

We will schedule regular check-up appointments throughout treatment to check your progress and adjust your appliance as needed. If you’ve opted for Invisalign® treatment, you can cut back on in-clinic visits by doing virtual check-ups via the Dental Monitoring app.


What happens next?

Retention plan

No treatment is complete without a retention plan. Every custom treatment plan at Waldman Orthodontics includes custom retainers to help you keep the smile results you worked so hard to achieve.


No time to come in and see us?

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